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My super amazing, super talented, super gorgeous, super wacky baby sister was in England to play in the Aldeburgh World Orchestra last month. Her month long tour took her to the gorgeous seaside town of Aldeburgh (where we visited her and contributed to the decline of lobster population), Germany (where we boosted the Euro and German dairy farmers), Amsterdam (I’m trusting she was being sensible there!), and last but not least, London, where she played in the BBC Proms.

I am SO proud of my sister for playing in the Proms, being able to do what she loves and getting the opportunity to travel and meet new people. The concert was a major success – they played beautifully and successfully kept me from falling asleep during Britten, Mahler and Stravinsky. =D

Before jetting back to Japan, my sister stayed over and requested that I make her cake. I couldn’t have been more honored to make cake for my sister! What ensued after that was pure madness. Needless to say, I had big ambitions to make a cake and cover it with a chocolate collar and write or pipe out chocolate notes around the collar. Obviously, I have never made a chocolate collar and fretted about making one. Do I pipe/write out notes on a greaseproof paper and then pour chocolate on it? Do I wrap the cake in the chocolate and then pipe on the notes? None of that mattered as my plans came crumbling down. I decided to be smart and made mini cakes but what I didn’t take into account was that small cakes do not have the weight and stability to hold down frosting. I ended up with three small cakes…and only one looked barely acceptable. When my sister opened the fridge, she went straight for the ugly one! Bless her!

I made madeleines as well and added mini chocolate chips in the batter. I’m so thankful that I got to make cake for my sister and spend some time with her. Next time there will be a cake piped with a full music score waiting for her!

Recipes for the chocolate cake and madeleines can be found here and here.