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Ever get the crazy feeling that you should wake up at 5am just to go to the fish market? As if you weren’t sleep deprived at all? No? Yeah, me neither. Not until the hankering for seafood returns.

As Gita is leaving to go home for good soon, we decided to visit Billingsgate (as you would just before you return home) and have a major cookout. Lunch was scheduled to start at 1pm but due to err…various circumstances, lunch only started at 4pm. The weather did not look promising but by afternoon the clouds cleared and it began to look more like summer again. We decided to start a BBQ (it takes 2 Kiwis, 1 Aussie and 1 absolute nutter to set up and start a BBQ. Precious!) and grilled some meat. I will have to BBQ my prawns and fish next time too!

The prawns were a breeze to make. Just mince some ginger and mix with some olive oil, marinade the prawns and grill. Voila! I made some scallops and cedar planked salmon as well, but next time, that will also go on the grill. Leslie and I even made double chocolate cookies too! It was such a tiring day but just having that time to spend with friends and laugh made it worth everything.

I am so grateful for all the help I received from everyone in preparing for lunch and so thankful to be blessed with amazing friends who made the day more than perfect. I’m going to miss Gita!