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Chinese New Year is nearly here!!! The excitement and festivities of Christmas and New Years have barely died down and its time to celebrate another New Year. I came back to Malaysia to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family and boy, is it good to be home. It is so good to catch up with friends and just EAT!!! Chinese New Year is a much bigger celebration than Christmas and New Year so lots of preparations must be done before CNY like spring cleaning, getting new clothes and preparing lots of yummy food.

In between shuttling from one place to another, getting caught in traffic jams (I cannot believe how bad Malaysian drivers are!), running around getting stuff done before the whole town practically shuts down for CNY and just constantly stuffing my face with food, I *found* some time to help my mum with making CNY cookies. My mum makes awesome almond cookies and pineapple tarts and a whole load of other goodies. I helped with the pineapple tarts but I stuffed up the pastry. boo… On a brighter note, I taught my mum how to make seaweed crackers! Ok, so seaweed crackers is child’s play but still…I’m kind of proud I taught her something! hehe


My mum made the pineapple tarts on the left, and I made the seaweed crackers on the right. The mini spring rolls were bought from a night market. That’s on my list of ‘to learn recipes’! I’m hoping to get so much more red packets than in the picture, but given my age, I feel too embarrased to be receiving or expecting them. To those celebrating Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Chai and have an amazing year ahead!!! To the rest, I hope you get the chance to try some Chinese New Year goodies!

Seaweed Crackers
40 pieces of frozen spring roll skin
20 pieces of nori seaweed, cut to same size as spring roll skin
3 egg whites, lightly beaten
sesame seeds
Separate the spring roll skins and keep under a damp cloth to prevent the skins from drying out.
Take a piece of spring roll skin and brush all over with egg white. Sprinkle some sesame seeds over the spring roll and lay a piece of seaweed over the spring roll. Take another piece of spring roll and brush all over with egg white. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and lay the seaweed with spring roll over this layer to form a sandwich. Press down firmly to seal the layers. Repeat the same process with the rest of the spring rolls and seaweed to form 20 sheets of seaweed sandwiches. Brushing the seaweed layer with egg white will cause the seaweed to curl up so be careful when layering if you do brush the seaweed.
Using a scissors, cut each seaweed sandwich into strips and then across to form 1-1½ inch ribbons.
Deep fry until light brown. Be careful to remove from heat as soon as they are light brown as they can burn quickly. Drain, cool and store in air tight containers…or finish them on the spot!