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Last month, Ruby and I went for a Christmas baking class in Wandsworth. What started out as a wet and dreary day turned into a brilliant, sunny day filled with fun and sugar. We made chocolate orange mini cupcakes, gingerbread men and banana carrot cupcakes. It was definitely the biggest workout in my cake prep history! We didn’t get to use any technology whatsoever (read: no stand mixers/hand mixers/anything that requires a plug). We even mixed our icing in a bowl with a SPOON! I’m so proud of Ruby and myself for getting through the day. We definitely ended up with one arm stronger (and a lot more sore!).

I learned lots of piping skills with the Wilton 1M tip, including piping a Christmas tree. Top tips of the day? Always hold piping bag in an upright position. Squeeze from the top and use other hand to guide. When done piping, stop squeezing, push down and gently lift. But you knew that! :)