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After a rather stressful week in Atlanta where we didn’t see the light of day for 5 days, Ruby and I spent the weekend in New York City before heading home to London. It was literally a shopping and eating trip and I’m so glad to be able to introduce such a wonderful city to her. We’re still feeling ripped off over the sales tax spending “limit” and a little indignant that we have to pull out this huge freaking state/road map sized map of the subway system. Everything about us already scream tourists, no need to rub it in, MTA!

My awesome, awesome, change the world friend De Ming let us stay in his apartment in midtown (downtown?) Manhattan while he was away. Following tradition, I had a Jamba Juice smoothie in near freezing conditions, nearly got lost on Bleecker Street, and lost my subway card. Ahhh I do love New York.

New York is full of good food and it is such a shame we didn’t get to try a lot of good places. We did manage to go to the Soup Kitchen (made famous in Seinfeld) and to Momofuku Noodle Bar. I wish we had the time to visit Tartine and some other bakeries but De Ming took me to a little bakery in Uptown called Two Little Red Hens. We had their Red Velvet cupcake and Brooklyn Blackout. Well I had all of them actually…poor De Ming only had 1/8th of a Brooklyn Blackout purely because I couldn’t finish it all. I have to say, their cupcakes are way better than Magnolia Bakery. The cakes were so moist and packed full of flavor. I couldn’t help but scrape every crumb off the liner and savor each bite. The fudge and icing was perfect. They weren’t overly sweet or crusty and had the perfect consistency. I would like to go to Bouchon but De Ming reckons TLRH is much better than Bouchon. Hmm….what do you think?

If you ever get the chance, go to Two Little Red Hens at:

1652 Second Avenue  New York, NY 10028-3110 (on the cross street of 86th St)
Tel: +1(212) 452-0476
Closest subway station: 86th St

You will be blown away! On the other hand, you could be so stuffed from your gluttony that you will have to roll home…

Another highly recommended activity is to visit the Chelsea meatpacking district and pop into the bakeries in the market. Also, go to the High Line! The High Line is a park converted from abandoned elevate railway lines that run along 10th Avenue on the west side of town. I walked from 14th Street to 30th Street and can’t wait to get back and walk the entire line.

Totally off topic…I can’t resist putting this pic up. I miss this little kiddo lots!