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I did it!!! I met my goal of taking a class and learning how to properly frost a cake within a month of my epic experience with J’s cake. In fact, I signed up for two cake decorating classes and an Italian dessert making/language learning class thingy, thanks to my Groupon spree. My wallet on the other hand, is so not thanking me.

Last Sunday, I took some time off running around like a headless chicken and had a private cake decorating class with the lovely Leigh Koh of Craft Cakes. Leigh offers group and private classes and she came up with a bespoke class for me. Soon after, Groupon started a frenzy of cake decorating class deals and it was in that “momentum” that I went ahead and signed up for two more classes.

I learned so much and had so much fun! Not only is Leigh extremely talented and good at what she does (check out her website. Her cakes, like her, are simply gorgeous!), she is incredibly friendly and patient. We started the class by learning how to make a Swiss meringue buttercream. Or we started by learning how to tort and level a cake using a knife (I cheat by using the wire cake leveler at home). Or she gave me cake making tips first…it’s been a long few weeks, I can’t be held responsible for not getting things in order when I can’t even remember what happened yesterday! I then learned to fill and ice a cake. Leigh makes it look so deceptively easy! I struggled so much with it. I definitely need a lot more practice!

We then moved on to decorating cupcakes and Leigh taught me the basic patterns such as the swirl and the rosette. She also taught me how to roll out the fondant and cover the cupcake. I wish I picked up the piping techniques faster and had more time to learn other techniques but I’ll settle with what I know for now and work on perfecting that first.

I am completely amazed that the frosting held on to my cakes well and they were not smashed up after running for the bus, train, getting on the wrong train, and finally on the right train and being lugged around all of London. One would be forgiven for thinking I just arrived on a boat…

My cakes are still a very long way from perfect but in 4 hours I learned so much from Leigh. I just need lots and lots and lots of practice now! I’m very glad to have met Leigh and hope to learn more from her in the future.

Leigh can be contacted at craft.cakes@hotmail.com or at her website.