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In August, a Facebook event was set up to organize a silent/peaceful/friendly protest of what a certain Singaporean family had to put up with. Their neighbor, who had just moved from China did not like the smell of curry and had lodged a complaint against them. As a “solution”, the Indian family agreed to only cook curry when the neighbors were not home. What kind of compromise is that?!

Being a busybody half Singaporean, I gladly joined the event as a sign of protest from far, far away. Plus, it’s a good excuse to cook curry! My roommates were wonderful enough not to complain, even though the apartment did smell of curry for a few days. I made chicken curry with potatoes and peas. Sad to say I cheated and used a packet of curry laksa paste. I had intended on making curry puffs with Pat so I cut up the chicken and potatoes into teeny tiny chunks. I had to make sure that the curry was not too watery so that it wouldn’t turn my pastries into a soggy mess.

Assembly was amazingly simple. Just buy a sheet or block of puff pastry (cooking the curry was hard work!), roll it out until a quarter of an inch thick, cut out your pastries and fill with a teaspoon full of curry. Sandwich it with another pastry and crimp with a fork. Brush the top with egg wash. Bake at 200C or 400F for 15-20 minutes until puffed and golden brown.

These turned out so well I made 2 batches. A 500g block of puff pastry gave me around 12 pastries but it would depend on the size and shape of how you cut your pastries. I did learn a very valuable lesson. When reusing scrapes of dough, pile it on top of one another, roll, fold, roll again. They won’t rise as well but will still be flaky. Or just cut them out into shapes and use them as garnish on the curry puffs. Or make mini palmiers. OR start a food fight! :)